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14U Tier II Travel Tryouts

EJYH Tier II Travel Team Tryouts for 14U are now open for registration

Tryouts will take place at the First Arena on the following dates and Times:


14U – Players born in 2005 and 2006

Coach Sheldon Lillico

Saturday, April 27th - 9:30-11:00

Sunday, April 28th - 9:30-11:00


There is a non-refundable $20 cost per player


Any player that did not play for EJYH in the 2018-19 season is REQUIRED to bring a signed Release Form from their current association. Any player that does not have this will not be allowed to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Stay tuned for additional information on Tryout Format and Expectations .

Go to to Register or Copy and paste the link below:


There will be an Informational Meeting

Wednesday, April 17th 6:00PM at the Elmira Town Community Center, Grandview Ave, Elmira 14905


Travel TryOut Information

In the upcoming 2019-20 youth hockey season, EJYH is planning to field a Tier II travel team at the 14U level. The possibility of hosting a team at the 12U level is to be determined.


EJYH offers both House and Travel teams. It is not necessary to attend tryouts for participation on a house team. Registration will begin in the summer and team formation will begin in the fall. EJYH house teams (Squirt-Midget) compete in the Snowbelt Hockey League. We may also consider joining the Empire Amateur Hockey Conference (EAHC) at the Squirt and Peewee Level.

New-to-travel and new EJYH players are encouraged to attend the organization's travel team tryout sessions. 14U Travel Tryouts will take place on April 27th and 28th from 9:30-11:00 at the First Arena in Elmira, NY. Please refer to our home page regularly for any updates/changes to the tryout schedule. Tryouts for 12U Travel team are TBD.


There is a $20 tryout fee that covers the costs to the association to conduct the tryout sessions.  This fee is charged to all players who choose to participate in the tryout process. All prospective players must register online at our website prior to tryouts. Online registration speeds the check-in process on the day of tryouts and allows the organization to communicate with each player using the email on file on our website.  Please be sure that you have all emails to which you would like communications to be sent on your account. The $20 tryout fee is mandatory for all players interested in playing on a travel team and the fee is non-refundable

There is also a $300 team deposit required to tryout. This deposit becomes non-refundable the moment the player commits to the team. This money will be used to offset registration fees. Players that are not offered a spot on the team will have this deposit refunded. 

If a player is ultimately selected to the Travel team, he or she will be asked to sign a Player Commitment Form. This form effectively binds the child to the EJYH association and to the Travel team for the full 2019-2020 playing season. This form is a USA Hockey requirement and is honored by all associations.  The form must be received within 48 hours after the conclusion of the Tryouts for a player to hold their spot on the team.

General Rules of Tryouts

Required Fees and Paperwork:  The table below lists the fees and forms that will be collected during sign-in at the registration table at tryouts.  


Played for EJYH in the   2018-19 season

Did NOT play for EJYH in the  2018-19 season

Travel Tryout Fee ($20)

Required  (please register and pay on-line)

Required (please register and pay on-line)

Team Deposit ($300)

Required for all participants

Required for all participants

NYSAHA Player Release


Required – must be an original, signed release from your recent hockey assoc.



If you do not have the necessary fees or forms you will unable to tryout!

General Information

  1. Any player that owes money to EJYH is ineligible to participate in any tryout sessions 
  2. The tryout schedule is subject to change. Please check the website frequently to ensure that you do not miss a critical tryout date or time. 
  3. Coaching announcements will be made via the website.
  4. Checks for the Travel Registration Fee and Team Deposit should be made out to “Elmira Jackals Youth Hockey”. Please print the player's name in the memo field on any checks. Cash is also accepted. Credit card payments are not accepted at tryouts.
  5. The $20 Travel Tryout Registration Fee is non-refundable.
  6. The $300 Team Deposit check is only cashed in the event the player is offered and accepts a spot on the Travel team. The $300 Team Deposit check is destroyed at the completion of all tryouts if the player is cut or not selected for the Travel team. If the Team Deposit was paid with cash, a refund check will be sent to the address on your Travel Registration form. Once a player accepts a spot on the team, the $300 Team Deposit becomes non-refundable
  7. If you do not pay the Travel Tryout Registration Fee via credit card through the online registration process, please be prepared to write two, separate checks at the tryout session. The Team Deposit check must be separate from the Travel Tryout Registration Fee. Do not combine this with your Travel Tryout check.  We require separate checks.  
  8.  Plan ahead.  If you need a release from your current organization, it is highly recommended to request it early to give your current association time to process the request. 
  9. The NYSAHA Commitment Form is not collected before or during the tryouts. If a player is selected for the Travel team, the player section of the NYSAHA Commitment Form must be completed and returned to the Head Coach within 48 hours after the conclusion of Tryouts. The player may forfeit their position if this form is not completed and returned in the time allotted.

The Tryout Process


1.   If you understand the process and plan ahead, tryouts should be an easy, fun and exciting time for you and your child.

2.   Please check the schedule to determine when and where you need to be for tryouts.

3.   Please arrive at tryouts at least 1 hour before the start of your scheduled tryout.  This will allow for ample time to get checked in.  Also please ensure that your child is well-nourished and well-rested for tryouts.

4.   At the registration table, your information and paperwork will be inspected to ensure of its completeness and correctness.  Your child will then be given a jersey and his/her name and jersey number will be recorded onto a tryout roster used by the coaches conducting the tryouts.  Your child can then go to the assigned dressing rooms and get ready for the tryouts.

5.  Cuts may be made after the first Tryout Session. Participants will be contacted prior to the additional session if they have been cut.

5. When you arrive for the additional day of tryouts, your child will need to check in with the registration table prior to going to the dressing room. This ensures that your child’s name and number is logged on the form for that tryout session. If they don’t check in, they will be marked as absent.

6.   Please remember that if your child is not selected for the Travel team, it is not a reflection on your child, or you. It is simply that the coach felt that there was another player who better fit the team’s needs. In most cases there are several very talented players trying out for the same team and, unfortunately, not everyone will make the team.

Travel Program Fees:

Registration fees cover the basic costs of practice and league game ice. Fees will be determined in the summer. Tournaments or off-ice training expenses are at an additional cost to each player. If the team is successful and continues on to the State tournament, the cost associated with participating in that tournament will be covered by EJYH. In the event that the team wins the State tournament, participation in Nationals is mandatory. The National tournament can be held anywhere in the US and a team typically has approximately 3 weeks notice

Thank you for considering Elmira Jackals Youth Hockey for your child. We hope you have a good experience with our organization and that your child develops as both a hockey player and an individual! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our Board of Directors.

Please refer to the EJYH Travel Selection Policy for additional details regarding travel Tryouts.

2019-20 Midget Team



We know many of you are interested in continuing your hockey career with EJYH and there is every intention to field a Midget team for the 2019-2020 hockey season.
If you or someone you know is currently a Midget player or will be moving to the Midget level, please reach out to the Registrar, Brie Homer, advising of your interest at your earliest convenience . Brie can be reached at
We would like to determine the interest of players in order to finalize numbers  for the season.
EJYH Board of Directors

Board Openings

EJYH has the following Board Positions  Open:


Mite Coordinator

The following Board Positions are up for re-election in the Spring Term of 2019 and will be voted on during the April Board of Directors meeting:

Fundraising Coordinator



Anyone interested in a position should send a letter of interest 30 days prior to the meeting to the President. Position Descriptions can be found under the Bylaws



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