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Open Board Positions

The following position is open:

  • Fundraising Coordinator

Position description can be found on the website under Bylaws.

If you are interested in running , please email a Letter of Intent outlining the interested position, the reason you are interested and any qualifications to EYH board members no later than 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled board meeting (7/27/2021 ).

The following position was approved after review to add to our Board and Bylaws.

  • Webmaster

Position description is below. If you are interested or have the right experience for this new position, please send your letter detailing your interest, experience, and qualifications to the EYH Board no later than 2  weeks prior to the next schedule board meeting (7/27/2021).

*All Board Members, their positions and contact information can be found here:

Webmaster – (Board Appointed, 2 year-term)

The Webmaster is responsible for the design and management of the Association’s website and distribution of information to Association membership and outside Association sources.  The Webmaster duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Create and administer pages on the website via the online site administration tools provided by the website host – Sports Engine
  • Work with existing board members, coaches, team managers, parents, and other sources to promote successful communication
  • Manage website administrator accounts and privileges
  • Ensure appropriate security to all electronic mediums supported by Elmira Youth Hockey
  • Work with the Registrar and Treasurer to facilitate a seamless online registration
  • Distribution of association news announcements and emails through numerous social media activities
  • Maintain a workable internal communication system that would inform association members of all activities within Elmira Youth Hockey
  • Oversee media and community relations as necessary
  • Respond to adhoc support requests and inquiries as needed

Elmira Youth Hockey 2021-2022 Registration

Elmira Youth Hockey 2021-2022 Season

All practices and home games hosted at First Arena


Anticipated Season and Schedule:

  • Practice and season will begin on or around September 21st, 2021 Squirts – Midget
  • Practice and season will begin on or around October 5th, 2021 for Mites
  • All age groups will have (3) hours of practice time per week – schedule for practices should resemble the following but may change based on First Arena availability

Mites – M/W/F

Squirts – M/W/F

PeeWee – T/Th

Bantam – T/Th

Midget – T/Th

  • Season/games will end on or around February 20th, 2022 (conclude with Jam Tournament)

Anticipated Game Lineup Squirt – Midget:

  • All projected games are subject to change based on the total number of teams that opt to play in the Snowbelt division. Keep watch on the following for updates.
  • Based on Snowbelt requirements, each team Squirt – Midget will play home games and away games.  In previous seasons, this has been (8) home and (8) away games.
  • Squirt – Midget will also receive an additional (3) home game slots for non-Q games and can schedule additional “away” games at the discretion of the Coach/Team Manager

Anticipated Game Lineup Mites

  • Mite teams will receive (4) home game slots and may schedule away games at the discretion of the Coach/Manager
  • Mite teams may also use their Friday practice slot to schedule scrimmages/games after the season gets started

Season Tournaments:

  • All tournaments that EYH teams opt to attend will be funded 100% by parents/members
  • It is the hope that all teams will attend the same tournaments to help families that have multiple players at different age levels
  • Ice time has been budgeted so that (3) tournaments can be scheduled for each team
  • The league is working to have (1) home tournament which will be of no cost to members of the organization
  • Additional information regarding tournaments (location, cost, dates) will be provided by your Coach and Team Manager as the season progresses
  • The league is working to have fundraisers to help offset costs of tournaments.  Please stay tuned for upcoming information on those events

2021-2022 League Fees:

  • Mites – birth year 2013 and up - $700 – due by 10/1/2021
  • Squirts – birth year 2011/2012 - $1,200 – due by 9/16/2021
  • PeeWee – birth year 2009/2010 - $1,200 – due by 9/16/2021
  • Bantam – birth year 2007/2008 - $1,200 – due by 9/16/2021
  • Midget – birth year 2003-2006 - $1,200 – due by 9/16/2021
  • Full-time Goalies* - all age classifications will receive a 25% discount on their registration fee

What is included in your registration fee for 2021-2022 season

  • One home tournament
  • Three hours of ice time for practices per week (other than holiday weeks)
  • Extra non-Q games outside of regular Snowbelt schedule
  • Home and away jersey and sock set 
  • No mandatory fundraising fee this year

*All registration fees must be paid in full for the 2021-2022 season before players take the ice for first scheduled practice.  Registration fee if paid by credit card will include a credit card processing fee.




*Keep your eye out on for updated information regarding uniform changes.  This will be an exciting event that will involve all player and members!

*Follow us on and to stay up-to-date on all things EYH hockey.

*Goalie discount is for full-time goalies meaning 75% or more of their season is played at the goalie position.

*We will offer two (8) week Mini-Mite sessions this season.  One beginning in October and another beginning in January.  Stay tuned for details and registration information!

June Board Meeting

Our next board meeting will be held:

Date:  Wednesday, June 16th

Time:  5:30pm

Location:  The Green Derby in Elmira

2021 May Board Election Results

The following positions were filled  during the April 2021 Board Meeting:

Head of Coaches- Brian Stumper

Scheduler- Lindsay Loucks


The following positions are open:

  • Director of Affiliates- 3yr term

Position description can be found on the website under Bylaws.

If you are interested in running , please email a Letter of Intent outlining the interested position, the reason you are interested and any qualifications to EJYH board members no later than 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled Board Meeting

The following positions are in review to add as Board Members

  • PR/Social Media
  • Website

Position descriptions and duties are in progress. If you are interested in either of these positions, please reach out.

Coaching Applications

Coaching Applications for the 2021-2022 season are now being accepted.


Click on the link to submit your application today!

The following requirements are needed to coach in EJYH:

USA Hockey Memebrship

Safesport Training

Background screening


Age Appropriate Module



 A message from the President of SIHA

Welcome to the 32nd year of The Sport International Hockey Academy and an exciting upcoming summer of hockey instruction. Our organization understands that this past year has created a big challenge for the hockey community, but our staff is fully committed to offering a fantastic program to our students this summer and trying to get back to a progressively normal hockey environment. We will keep our students as safe as possible (COVID-19 Safety Measures) throughout the week and we will do our best to still provide a "Hard Work & Fun" experience for our students. Our 40 hour program will include an 8:15 AM Student Drop-Off and a 4:15 PM Student Pick-Up day. The following is an overview of our offer for students, aged 5 - 17 yrs (all players grouped by age and ability) "We Are SIHA & We've Got It All";

DATES: August 16 - 20 ("The Rink")
PRICE: $400.00 (5% Early Bird Discount until March 15th) - Limited Registrations (for quality instruction) - Other SIHA Discounts include; (10% Multiple Week Discount & 7% Group Discount (7 or more in a group - must be mailed in together)) Sign up early!



SIHA 2021 BROCHURE (pdf):

*NOTE: Our SIHA camps are very economically priced to accommodate all parents and students. Please feel free to compare our "40 Hour Program" to other camps in your area. We look forward to working with you this summer!

2021 SIHA 40 HOUR PROGRAM (including 15 hours of on-ice instruction/week)

POWER SKATING - Offering 1.5 hours of daily Power Skating, emphasizing Forward Stride, Tight Turns, Backwards Skating & Stops & Starts. We run our program at a fast pace with high repetitions (no standing around). We feel that our techniques really enhance the student's posture, balance and agility. "The basis & foundation for a solid hockey player"

PUCKHANDLING - Offering 1.5 hours of daily stickhandling techniques, emphasizing Passing, Shooting, 1 on 1's, 2 on 1's, 2 on 2's and Intro. To Checking (light bumping). Our constantly moving, ice maximization drills quickly improves each student's ability to combine skating speed with puck movement in unison. "The key to scoring success"

GOALTENDING INSTRUCTION - Offering 1.5 hours of daily goaltending instruction, emphasizing Stance, Angles, Movement, The Pad Save, The Glove Save & The Break-Away Save. All of our goalies will work one on one with our Goalie Instructor each morning, with a specialized goalie program with experienced shooters to further develop each goaltender's technique and style. All goalies will also receive an additional 1.5 hours of daily afternoon ice, to receive shots from players in practice/game situations to enhance their pressure saves "Preparing each goalie to be the team backbone"

PERSONALIZED VIDEO ANALYSIS PROGRAM - Offering daily individualized computerized digital video analysis to all students, 1 on 1 with our expert staff. We will fully analyze each student's skills (Players & Goalies) in a different daily drill, reinforcing their positive techniques and quickly correcting the areas of improvement. Through the use of Pro Split Screens, "Cut-Out Comparisons", Spot Light Isolation and our telestrator and audio instruction, we feel that every aspect of our student's skills will be thoroughly analyzed - all recorded to a Flash Drive ($20.00 choice). "Our best guarantee for a quality hockey education"

Additional SIHA Daily Features: Russian Training (off-ice conditioning), Off-Ice Shooting (75 shots per day), Lectures (rules, sportsmanship, game tape analysis, NHL "Behind The Scenes"), Recreation and our famous Lunch Program ("Uncle Bob's Cook-Out (burgers & hot dogs)). Finally, all players will compete in our Traditional "Pylon Cup" Game on the last day of camp. We will also offer group and individual competitions for prizes (featuring our very popular Shoot-Out Contest for a Championship SIHA Puck).

Off-Ice Shooting: We will be offering "Real Time" video analysis to all students on a daily basis during our off-ice shooting sessions, through the use of our I-Pad Mini device. We will film each student's shooting technique and analyze it with the student immediately to quickly correct any deficiencies. This technique will not be recorded to a DVD, strictly for "on the spot" corrections.

Complimentary of SIHA: All students will receive a free camp jersey, a week ending Personalized Progress Report and an NHL Player Poster.

SIHA STAFF: All staff members are carefully selected current and former college/pro hockey players who are all great with young hockey players and having both, charismatic and professional personal qualities. Our 2021 Staff will be coming from Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia & Florida. All students will be fully supervised throughout the day, both on and off the ice.

SIHA STAFF TRAINING CAMP: Our staff will be fully trained at our Annual Staff Training Camp in Canton, Ohio (June 7 - 11) to properly train our staff before beginning their 2021 Instructional Tour. We understand the importance of a strong instructional staff and we will ensure that everyone is thoroughly prepared before working with our young aspiring hockey players!

We look forward to seeing you this summer for our 32nd Instructional Tour. If you should have any questions, please feel free to either call our New York Head Office at 1-800-724-6658 or via e-mail at Enjoy the remainder of your hockey season and we'll see you this summer for an exciting hockey camp experience!


It's not too late to late to commemorate the 2020-21 hockey season with pictures of your hockey player! Simply upload a picture of your player, pick out a background or two, and Kyle will do the rest!

Mite Move Up 2021



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